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Catamaran Trailer Slicks and Covers

Catamaran Plastic Trailer Parts

One of the most frus­trat­ing fea­tures for cata­ma­ran boat own­ers that we con­stant­ly hear about is sim­ply; After a great day out on the water, so many boat own­ers strug­gle to retrieve their boats back onto their trailers.

Often this is cause by low qual­i­ty rub­ber or PVC trail­er parts that sim­ply stick, rip and tear and do pret­ty much every­thing except assist the boat in return­ing back onto their trailer!

Ultra High plas­tic trail­er parts have changed the way Cata­ma­ran boat own­ers can now use their trail­ers! Our plas­tic pro­files are slick and slip­pery. No lubri­ca­tion prod­ucts are need­ed to help retrieve your boat back onto your trailer!

To learn more about Ultra High Cata­ma­ran trail­er parts, sim­ply con­tact us today, let us know where you are hav­ing prob­lems and we will let you know fur­ther how our prod­ucts can assist you and your trailer.