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Catamaran Trailer Slicks and Covers

Catamaran Plastic Trailer Parts

One of the most frustrating features for catamaran boat owners that we constantly hear about is simply; After a great day out on the water, so many boat owners struggle to retrieve their boats back onto their trailers.

Often this is cause by low quality rubber or PVC trailer parts that simply stick, rip and tear and do pretty much everything except assist the boat in returning back onto their trailer!

Ultra High plastic trailer parts have changed the way Catamaran boat owners can now use their trailers! Our plastic profiles are slick and slippery. No lubrication products are needed to help retrieve your boat back onto your trailer!

To learn more about Ultra High Catamaran trailer parts, simply contact us today, let us know where you are having problems and we will let you know further how our products can assist you and your trailer.