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Boat Trailer Spares; a company by Ultra High LLC was founded in the USA in 2014. Started as a family business with a history and background of manufacturing and machining of high quality plastic boat trailer parts for over 30 years in Australia, supplying local boat trailer manufacturers and retails suppliers of boat trailer parts.

With our plastic boat trailer parts and components becoming the standard in the marine industry, Ultra High has expanded its operations and product base to the USA. With our primary office and manufacturing facilities located just outside of Dallas Texas, it is our company mission to bring our product range and experiance to the America and supply boat owners all over the country with high quality boat trailer parts that help each and every user launch and retrieve their boats easier and allow them to spend more time out on the water with family and friends, then spending time struggling at the boat ramp with traditional carpet, rubber or PVC boat trailer parts.


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Boat Trailer Spares & Ultra High plastic boat trailer parts are specifically designed for use with aluminium boats and hulls, Jon Boats, Bass Boats, Fishing Boats and many other types that suit bunks and skid profiles.

Plastic boat trailer parts, especially boat trailer bunks, have many benefits in the USA boating industry. Most importantly; they are friendly on the environment! By using plastic boat trailer parts, you are helping control the country wide problem of Zebra Mussel Infestation. Old carpet bunk boards are the ideal material for zebra muscles to attach them selves to. The surface is rough and moist which makes carpet boat bunks easy to attach to. As carpet does not dry instantly, this potentially gives Zebra Muscles enough time to be transported to another body of water and to spread the problem these pests cause. To learn more about Zebra Muscles, click here to read an article by NAS government website. When you use plastic boat trailer bunks and plastic profiles by Ultra High Plastics, this eliminates this problem instantly. 

Ultra High boat trailer parts are not only safe for the environment, they offer the user the ultimate launch and retrieve system for their boat trailers. No more carpet to replace! No more struggling to push or pull your boat off your carpet boat bunks! UV resistant! Long life and exceptional use! 

For all boat trailer plastic parts inquiries, or to learn more; Simply contact us, and one of our friendly staff will be happy to assist with your inquiry.