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Boat Trailer Keel Pad

Boat Trailer Plastic Keel Pads

Boat trailer plastic keel pads are extruded out of high density polyethylene (HDPE) or low density polyethylene (LDPE).

Traditionally in the past only low quality plastic TPO or rubber materials have been made available to consumers. The issue with using low quality trailer bumper pads or keel pads is they offer little to no protection to your boat trailer or boat. By using low quality materials, your run the risk of constant cracking, splitting & the fear of damaging your pride and joy!

Plastic Boat Trailer Keel Pads

Ultra High Plastics has produced a range of boat trailer keel pads that are manufactured out of high quality plastic – HDPE & LDPE!

HDPE & LDPE boat trailer bumper pads are perfect for use with aluminium or fiberglass boat hulls. Strong in design, these plastic covers offer high protection for your boat and trailer.

Strategically placed grooves in these keel pad profiles allows for a quick and safe installation. Slippery, Non-cracking, multiple lengths and colour options available.

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LDPE Keel Pad Example