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Boat Trailer Keel Pad

Boat Trailer Plastic Keel Pads

Boat trail­er plas­tic keel pads are extrud­ed out of high den­si­ty poly­eth­yl­ene (HDPE) or low den­si­ty poly­eth­yl­ene (LDPE).

Tra­di­tion­al­ly in the past only low qual­i­ty plas­tic TPO or rub­ber mate­ri­als have been made avail­able to con­sumers. The issue with using low qual­i­ty trail­er bumper pads or keel pads is they offer lit­tle to no pro­tec­tion to your boat trail­er or boat. By using low qual­i­ty mate­ri­als, your run the risk of con­stant crack­ing, split­ting & the fear of dam­ag­ing your pride and joy!

Plas­tic Boat Trail­er Keel Pads

Ultra High Plas­tics has pro­duced a range of boat trail­er keel pads that are man­u­fac­tured out of high qual­i­ty plas­tic — HDPE & LDPE!

HDPE & LDPE boat trail­er bumper pads are per­fect for use with alu­mini­um or fiber­glass boat hulls. Strong in design, these plas­tic cov­ers offer high pro­tec­tion for your boat and trailer.

Strate­gi­cal­ly placed grooves in these keel pad pro­files allows for a quick and safe instal­la­tion. Slip­pery, Non-crack­ing, mul­ti­ple lengths and colour options available.

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LDPE Keel Pad Example