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Wholesale Boat Trailer Parts USA

Ultra High LLC Plastic boat trailer parts available for wholesale distribution.

Plastic boat trailer parts and components are relatively new to the US market. Ultra High has been manufacturing and supplying the Australian boating and marine industry for over 30 years. Our products are the standard when it comes to boat trailer bunks, keel rollers, slicks and skids for aluminium boats in Australia.

With strong demand from customers all over the USA, Our head office is located just outside of Dallas Texas, we are we are now offering our plastic boat trailer parts available to boat trailer manufacturers and re-sellers around America. 

To learn more about our plastic boat trailer parts, contact us today to see how our products can help grow and expand your business by using high quality boat trailer components. Contact Ultra High LLC.

Wholesale Plastic Boat Trailer Bunks USA

Plastic-boat-trailer-bunks-7Ultra High plastic boat trailer bunks are designed exclusively for aluminium boat hulls. Extruded out of solid plastic, these boat trailer bunk guides are made to withstand all weather and operating conditions while still maintain optimal performance for the boat user.

Boat trailer plastic bunks are available in multiple lengths & color options to suit individual trailer brands.

For more details on wholesale boat trailer bunks, please visit us at Ultra High Plastic bunks information website.

Wholesale Plastic Boat Trailer Keel Rollers USA

boat-trailer-self-center-keel-rollerUltra High manufacture and machine custom boat trailer keel rollers and self centering keel rollers to suit custom branded boat trailer manufacturers and boat trailer parts re-seller stores.

Machined out of HDPE Polyethylene, plastic keel rollers are ideal for use with aluminium boat hulls and trailers. Long lasting, color coded, UV resistant are just some of the benefits to using plastic keel rollers.

To learn more about Ultra High Wholesale Keel Rollers, please visit our information page via Ultra High website.

Wholesale Plastic Boat Trailer Slicks & Skids

boat-trailer-plastic-hdpe-teflon-trailer-skid-bluePlastic boat trailer slicks and skids are the perfect add on accessory for many boat owners who are looking for a quick and simple solution to upgrading their current carpet bunks. 

Boat trailer slicks measure 2 inches wide with a special groove in the centre for a quick and easy installation to existing bunk guides. Multiple color options and lengths available to suit any trailer manufacturers needs. 

Contact Ultra High LLC, to learn more about wholesale plastic boat trailer slicks.

Wholesale Plastic Boat Trailer Bunk Covers / Bunk Wraps / Keel Pads

Plastic bunk cover skids and plastic keel pads are unlike anything ever seen in the US boat trailer industry.

boat-trailer-plastic-bunk-wrap-2inchUltra High have been manufacturing these plastic bunk skids for over 30 years and are the standard in plastic profiles for the Australian boat trailer industry. 

Bunk covers are available in multiple sizes and color options. Designed to fully sit over existing carpet or timber bunk profiles. The plastic skids upgrade your setup to a slick & slippery product that helps make launching and retrieving a breeze.

To discuss your wholesale needs for boat trailer plastic bunk skids, click here to contact Ultra High direct.

Wholesale Boat Trailer Eastern Alloy Bunk Covers

boat-trailer-eastern-alloy-bunk-cover-skidEastern Alloy boat trailer bunk covers have traditionally been made and supplied out of rubber profiles. Eastern Alloy Bunks are commonly found on larger style boat trailers. With this reasoning, and feedback from many users, we have found that rubber simply does not work for this style setup. 

Ultra High has changed this. Having created an Eastern Alloy profile manufactured and extruded out of high quality composite plastic. No more cracking or splitting like rubber, and a profile that actually supports and slides with your boat. Plastic Eastern Alloy Bunks are becoming more and more popular amongst boat trailer manufacturers in the USA.

Contact Ultra High Plastics, to discuss your companies options with our large plastic eastern alloy bunk profiles.