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Boat Trailer Plastic Bunks

Boat Trailer Bunks Plastic

Boat Trailer Spares Online supplies a variety of plastic boat trailer bunks and profiles for aluminium boats, Jon boats, bass boats, fishing boats & many other types of vessels that have an aluminium hull.

Ultra High Boat Trailer Bunks Plastic are one of the only suppliers and manufacturers in the USA & Australia who stock Plastic Bunks. With a history spanning over 30 years of production and supply to the Australian boating market, our bunks are now the standard and offer the user of aluminium boats a superior product and experiance when it comes to launching and retrieving their boat at the boat ramp.

Implementing a propriety extrusion process, Ultra High plastic boat trailer bunks are UV resistant and are available in a number of colors and sizing options.


Plastic Boat Trailer Bunks Vs Carpet Bunks

When it comes to deciding whether to choose plastic boat trailer bunks or carpet bunks? It is important to understand the main differences when applying these products to your boat trailer.

For years, the boat trailer industry in the US has been limited and somewhat selfish when it comes to offering the end user the correct products when it comes to matching their boats with their trailers. Lets take a quick look at the main differences, advantages & disadvantages between carpet and plastic boat trailer bunks.

Carpet Boat Trailer Bunks

Carpet trailer bunks should really only be used for small fiberglass boats and hulls. With that said, carpet has traditionally been the only option for buyers in the USA for small medium and large sized boats in both aluminium and fiberglass boats. This is one of the main reason you will find carpet often rips and tears and timber can crack, split and rot if the correct product is not used. Carpet when used on aluminium is simply not designed for the boat that is resting on them. You may have noticed that 9 times out of 10 when ever you launch and retrieve your boat, you struggle at the ramp. Your boat is hard to push and pull on carpet and they do not slide at all (Or not very well).

Plastic Boat Trailer Bunks

Plastic trailer bunks are designed to fix all the problems carpet bunks give boat users when used with aluminium hulls. Plastic is naturally slippery so lubrication products are not required when it comes to launching and retrieving your boat off the trailer.

Unlike carpet bunks that often tear, rip and need constant replacement; plastic eliminates these issues. UV resistant, plastic boat trailer bunks have been designed to be used in all weather conditions and can be used with small medium and large sized boats.


Benefits of Plastic Boat Trailer Bunks with Bends

Ultra High Plastic boat trailer bunks are designed with a specially crafted bend that not only looks exceptional but helps the user to lift their boat back onto their trailer in low lieing water.

By adding extra leverage to the retrieval process, you help eliminate the risk of injury and can retrieve your boat much easier!

  • Ultra High plastic boat trailer bunks are manufactured using premium virgin materials. Unlike some; we do NOT use recycled plastic in our trailer profiles!
  • Plastic trailer bunks are designed to outlast other materials such as carpet, timber, PVC and recycled plastic slides. 
  • Ultra High boat trailer bunks are UV resistant. Ideal for use in all weather conditions!
  • Slippery by design! No lubrication products are needed to make your boat slide. (Warning: Do NOT unhook your winch until your boat is safe in the water. Your boat will slide off your trailer!)
  • Launch & retrieve your boat in all water conditions. With the added benefit of the bend, you can retrieve your boat in shallow waters. The bend helps lift your boat back onto your trailer in tough conditions.

Safe on the Environment

zebra-muscles-bunksPlastic boat trailer bunks reduces chance for transfer of Invasive Species Spores and Organisms.

Examples of aquatic nuisance species include:

  • zebra mussels,
  • Chinese mitten crabs,
  • hydrilla,
  • Eurasian watermilfoil,
  • nutria
  • sea lamprey,
  • Asian carp, and
  • New Zealand mud-snail.

Plastic Boat Trailer bunks help stop transporting of the above pests!