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Boat Trailer Plastic Bunk Cover Skids

Boat Trailer Plastic Bunk Cover Skids

boat-trailer-plastic-bunk-wrap-2inchPlas­tic boat trail­er bunk cov­ers or bunk wraps for boat trail­ers; man­u­fac­tured by Ultra High are a spe­cial­ized plas­tic pro­file designed to mount over exist­ing tim­ber, car­pet or alu­mini­um bunks.

For use with alu­mini­um boats, jon boats, bass boats & fish­ing boats, these plas­tic pro­files are the per­fect addi­tion to your boat trail­er set­up to help launch and retrieve your boat at the boat ramp.

Plas­tic bunk skids, unlike car­pet which rips and tears; allows the boat user to launch and retrieve their boats with ease. Plas­tic is nat­u­ral­ly slip­pery. No lubri­ca­tion is need­ed to assist these products.

Oth­er bunk wrap prod­ucts on the mar­ket are made out of low qual­i­ty pvc mate­ri­als. These bunk wraps will not last, and offer lit­tle sup­port to exist­ing car­pet bunks. 

For those look­ing to upgrade their boat trail­er bunks, but wish to keep their exist­ing tim­ber, these are the per­fect addon accessory.

Plas­tic boat trail­er bunk cov­er skids are designed to mount over exist­ing tim­ber / car­pet bunks that mea­sure 2 Inch­es in size. For alter­na­tive size options, please con­tact us to dis­cuss your needs.


Benefits Of Plastic Boat Trailer Bunk Covers

We briefly men­tioned above; the prop­er­ties of car­pet boat trail­er bunks are sim­ply not prac­ti­cal to use with alu­mini­um boat hulls. Car­pet has a ten­den­cy to split, tear and need con­stant replace­ment after a short amount of time. 

Your boat is hard to launch and retrieve and can be very frus­trat­ing when you sim­ply want to get out on the water to enjoy your day!

The same goes with alter­na­tive PVC bunk wrap prod­ucts. Low qual­i­ty mate­ri­als such as PVC when used with alu­mini­um boats can cause great fric­tion between the two prod­ucts. The end result, just like car­pet is like­ly to be a short life span due to crack­ing, split­ting & tear­ing and will need con­stant replacement.

HDPE Poly­eth­yl­ene extrud­ed by Ultra High Plas­tics on the oth­er hand is much tougher and durable. Slip­pery in nature & UV resis­tant makes plas­tic bunk cov­ers ide­al for any­one look­ing to upgrade their boat trail­er to a work­ing product. 

boat-trailer-bunks-black-coversBoat Trailer Plastic Bunk Covers with 45 Degree Bends

Ultra High Plas­tics use a pro­pri­etary extru­sion and bend­ing process in order to put a 45 degree bend on our plas­tic boat trail­er bunk cov­ers. The added ben­e­fit of the 45 degree bend in these plas­tic boat trail­er parts; just like our plas­tic boat trail­er bunks not only gives your boat trail­er added style and looks but adds extra lever­age to help lift your boat up onto your trail­er for a quick and easy retrieval after a day out on the water. 

Plastic Bunk Cover Skid Sizes

  • 5 Foot (60 Inch­es) Long x 2″ Wide x 2″ High.
  • 6 Foot (72 Inch­es) Long x 2″ Wide x 2″ High.
  • Oth­er sizes by request — Please con­tact us.


Note: Sizes dis­played are inter­nal dimensions.

Col­or options on boat trail­er bunk skids:

  • Marine Blue.
  • Grey.
  • Black.

Boat Trailer Bunk Cover Skids