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Boat Trailer Plastic Bunk Cover Skids

Boat Trailer Plastic Bunk Cover Skids

boat-trailer-plastic-bunk-wrap-2inchPlastic boat trailer bunk covers or bunk wraps for boat trailers; manufactured by Ultra High are a specialized plastic profile designed to mount over existing timber, carpet or aluminium bunks.

For use with aluminium boats, jon boats, bass boats & fishing boats, these plastic profiles are the perfect addition to your boat trailer setup to help launch and retrieve your boat at the boat ramp.

Plastic bunk skids, unlike carpet which rips and tears; allows the boat user to launch and retrieve their boats with ease. Plastic is naturally slippery. No lubrication is needed to assist these products.

Other bunk wrap products on the market are made out of low quality pvc materials. These bunk wraps will not last, and offer little support to existing carpet bunks. 

For those looking to upgrade their boat trailer bunks, but wish to keep their existing timber, these are the perfect addon accessory.

Plastic boat trailer bunk cover skids are designed to mount over existing timber / carpet bunks that measure 2 Inches in size. For alternative size options, please contact us to discuss your needs.


Benefits Of Plastic Boat Trailer Bunk Covers

We briefly mentioned above; the properties of carpet boat trailer bunks are simply not practical to use with aluminium boat hulls. Carpet has a tendency to split, tear and need constant replacement after a short amount of time. 

Your boat is hard to launch and retrieve and can be very frustrating when you simply want to get out on the water to enjoy your day!

The same goes with alternative PVC bunk wrap products. Low quality materials such as PVC when used with aluminium boats can cause great friction between the two products. The end result, just like carpet is likely to be a short life span due to cracking, splitting & tearing and will need constant replacement.

HDPE Polyethylene extruded by Ultra High Plastics on the other hand is much tougher and durable. Slippery in nature & UV resistant makes plastic bunk covers ideal for anyone looking to upgrade their boat trailer to a working product. 

boat-trailer-bunks-black-coversBoat Trailer Plastic Bunk Covers with 45 Degree Bends

Ultra High Plastics use a proprietary extrusion and bending process in order to put a 45 degree bend on our plastic boat trailer bunk covers. The added benefit of the 45 degree bend in these plastic boat trailer parts; just like our plastic boat trailer bunks not only gives your boat trailer added style and looks but adds extra leverage to help lift your boat up onto your trailer for a quick and easy retrieval after a day out on the water. 

Plastic Bunk Cover Skid Sizes

  • 5 Foot (60 Inches) Long x 2″ Wide x 2″ High.
  • 6 Foot (72 Inches) Long x 2″ Wide x 2″ High.
  • Other sizes by request – Please contact us.


Note: Sizes displayed are internal dimensions.

Color options on boat trailer bunk skids:

  • Marine Blue.
  • Grey.
  • Black.

Boat Trailer Bunk Cover Skids