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Boat Trailer Self Centering Kits

Boat Trailer Self Centering Kits

Boat trailer self centering V kits are the perfect add-on to any trailer to help keep your boats keel centred when retrieving your boat back onto your trailer!

These boat trailer kits are fully adjustable to suit multiple hull styles and heights. Bracket adjustment is simple and designed so all boat owners can adjust the kits to suit their individual boat and trailer setup!


With various size boats and trailers, self centering kits are available in multiple shapes, styles, colours and bracket configurations.

We are happy to discuss with everyone what boat trailer kit may be best suited to any one individual setup and how a particular kit may benefit the user when it comes to retrieving their boat after a day on the water!

Our boat trailer self centering kits are manufactured using high quality plastic materials. UV resistant makes these kits ideal for use in all weather conditions. Unlike injection moulded profiles, PVC, Rubber and other low quality materials; these kits are designed to withstand the toughest conditions. No cracking or splitting enables the user to have an optimal product that works every time assistance is needed!

With light duty and heavy duty bracket options available; we have a setup to suit everyone! Contact us today to talk about how these kits can benefit your boat and trailer!