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Boat Trailer Parts – Dallas Texas

Boat Trailer Parts Dallas Texas

Boat Trailer Parts Dallas Texas

Boat Trailer Spares Online; a Company by Ultra High LLC primary location and head office is located in Decatur, just outside of Dallas Texas.

With a long history in Plastics manufacturing and supplying boat trailer parts for the Australian marine industry, Ultra High has now introduced its world leading performance boat trailer parts for the US market.

Ultra High specializes in producing plastic boat trailer bunks, slicks, keel rollers, bunk skids / bunk wraps for aluminium boats and trailers. With over 30 years of history, we have done the research, we have done the study, we have done the production to produce the best plastic boat trailer parts in the world!

Most US consumers are used to only have one option for their boat trailers and that is carpet bunks. Carpet bunks have a reputation for splitting, cracking and needing constant replacing when used with aluminium boats. Plastic bunks eliminates these issues! Long life, slippery profiles allow for the boat user to no longer struggle launching and retrieving their boats and can spend more time on the water with their family and friends.

Along with our plastic boat trailer bunks, Ultra High out of Dallas Texas also produce high quality plastic keel rollers. Like our trailer bunks, our plastic rollers are machined form solid high quality plastic. They are not injection molded and offer the user a far more superior product then rubber or pvc boat rollers.

Boat Trailer Plastic Bunks Dallas

Boat trailer plastic bunks are ideal for use with aluminium boats and hulls. Extruded from solid plastic, these boat trailer bunks are designed to offer optimal performance and eliminate the issues carpet bunks give boat users. Carpet bunks have a history of cracking, splitting, tearing and need constant replacement. Ultra High Plastic bunks attempt to eliminate these problems and offer the user a quick and efficient product to launch and retrieve their boats. View boat trailer bunks Dallas.

Boat Trailer Plastic Slicks Dallas

Boat trailer plastic slicks are ideal for those looking for a quick and simple solution to upgrade their existing carpet bunks. By quickly screwing the plastic slicks to the carpet, these profiles allow aluminium bulls to slide with ease. No more sticking and struggling to launch and retrieve your boat. View boat trailer plastic slicks Dallas.

Boat Trailer Plastic Bunk Covers / Wraps Dallas

Much like the plastic slicks, the plastic bunk covers are a more heavy duty solution to upgrading your existing boat trailer bunks. The plastic skids for boat trailers offer a full clamp on style profile to allow for a quick and easy solution that will help you launch and retrieve your aluminium boat. View boat trailer plastic bunk covers Dallas.

Boat Trailer Plastic Keel Rollers Dallas

For years, boat users have only had the option of rubber or pvc style rollers for their aluminium boats. Rubber and pvc are known to cause issues with aluminium boats. They go flat, the crack and tear and simple struggle to roll. Plastic keel rollers are designed to do the opposite. Machined out of solid plastic, they wont go flat, crack and will have a much longer life span! View boat trailer plastic keel rollers Dallas.

Boat Trailer Bunk Brackets & Hardware Dallas

Just as important as having high quality boat trailer bunks; yo need high quality boat trailer brackets to go with them. Bunk brackets supplied by Boat Trailer Spares Online are produced by C.E Smith who have a great history of producing high quality trailer parts in America. View boat trailer bunk brackets and hardware Dallas.

So if you have an aluminium boat, Jon boat, bass boat, fishing boat that you struggle to launch and retrieve due to under performing carpet bunks or rubber rollers, speak to us at Boat Trailer Spares Dallas Texas and make us your one stop shop for all your boat trailer bunks, slicks, bunk covers / wraps, brackets & hardware that you need to convert your trailer into a first class working product.

If you have any questions in regards to our plastic boat trailer parts. Contact our Dallas Texas support staff, who will assist to your needs.