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Boat Trailer Bunks Plastic 6 Foot with 45 Degree Angles – BLACK

Boat Trailer Bunks Plastic 6 Foot with 45 Degree Angles – BLACK

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Boat Trailer Bunks Plastic With 45 Degree Angles BLACK – 6 Foot / 72 Inches

Plastic boat trailer bunks are extruded out of solid premium plastic materials with custom bends put in place to help assist through your launch & retrieval process at the boat ramp.

Plastic boat trailer bunks have become very popular in regions known for hunting / fishing / outdoors where image is everything!

Designed exclusively for aluminium boat hulls, these plastic bunks offer the user optimal performance when compared to traditional carpet bunks which often split, crack need constant replacement and are simply hard to use with aluminium hulls.

Boat trailer plastic bunks with 45degree bends offer the user extra support and leverage when launching and retrieving their boats. 

With the plastic profile angled down accordingly, these bunks help lift the users boat up onto the trailer with ease! 

Benefits Of Plastic Boat Trailer Bunks with 45 Degree Angles:

  • 45 Degree angles add extra leverage to assist the user in retrieving their boat from the water in multiple weather, climate and boat ramp conditions.
  • Plastic boat trailer bunks are friendly on the environment. No rotting, splitting, cracking helps keep your local water spot clean.
  • Plastic trailer bunks do not attract bugs and pests that live in certain water conditions. 
  • No need for constant replacement like carpet bunks. All in one bunk is all that is required!
  • Easy to install. Use these bunks with C.E Smith adjustable bunk brackets.
  • Simple to use.

Key Features:

  • Premium plastic material.
  • 6 Foot Long (72″ x 1.6″ x 2.75″). 
  • Black.
  • Ideal for aluminium, Jon boats, Bass boats, Fishing boats & more!

Whats Included:

2x 6 Foot Boat Trailer Plastic Bunk with 45 Degree Angle Black. (72″ X 1.6″ X 2.75″)

Additional information

Weight20 lbs
Dimensions72 × 1.75 × 2.75 in


  1. Great product and fast shipping. Took 15minutes to install. very happy with the performance

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