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Boat Trailer Parts – Fort Myers Florida

Boat Trailer Parts Fort Myers Florida

Boat Trailer Parts Fort Myers Florida

Fort Myers is quickly becoming one of the fastest growing locations in Florida USA. With a population now over 77,000 residents this means a number of boat owners and users are fresh to the area.

With more and more customers coming to us complaining that their existing boat trailer parts; often made out of carpet boat trailer bunks and rubber boat trailer keel rollers do not work, they are looking for a better solution.

Ultra High Plastics has on offer for boat owners in Fort Myers, Florida a complete range of plastic boat trailer parts. Plastic boat trailer parts are superior to low quality materials and are designed to outlast and outperform in every way possible.

If you own an aluminium boat, bass boat, jon boat, fishing boat; you have no doubt faced frustration at the boat ramp when it comes to launching and retrieving your pride and joy. Lets learn how plastic boat trailer parts can help you today.

Boat Trailer Plastic Bunks Fort Myers

Boat trailer bunks manufactured out of solid plastic. Plastic boat bunks are designed to be slippery in nature without needing to add any additional lubricants to the profiles.

With an all in one product, boat owners wont have to constantly replace plastic bunk guides like they do with carpet boat bunks. Carpet for aluminium boats do not go together. Constant ripping, tearing and replacement is always needed. As a word of caution; do not unhook your boat from your boat trailer too early! It will slide off quickly.

View plastic boat trailer bunks Fort Myers.

Boat Trailer Plastic Slicks Fort Myers

With the constant troubles boat owners in Fort Myers boat owners have when it comes to launching and retrieving, a simple and budget option! Boat trailer plastic slicks are simple to use, easy to install and provide the boat trailer owner an alternative to completly replacing their entire boat trailer carpet bunk

Learn more about boat trailer slicks Fort Myers. 


Boat Trailer Plastic Bunk Covers / Wraps Fort Myers

Boat trailer bunk wraps or plastic bunk covers are becoming more and more popular amongst boat trailer owners. Having been designed and invented by Ultra High Plastics out of Australia; These plastic bunk covers provide maximum performance and usability while still being a simple to use, easy to install boat trailer part. 

With multiple sized bunk wraps and color options available, these plastic profiles simple clip over existing timber or carpet bunks

Learn more about plastic boat trailer bunk wraps Fort Myers.

Boat Trailer Plastic Keel Rollers Fort Myers

Many boat trailers rely on boat trailer keel rollers to help support the weight of their boats. When it comes to boat trailer keel rollers it is important to use high quality materials. This will allow for a quick and easy install. A working product that actually rolls. No cracking, splitting or flat spots. The issue for residents in Fort Myers and the USA in general is, in the past only low quality rubber or PVC materials have been available.

Boat Trailer Spares has introduced its range of high quality plastic boat rollers. Designed to outlast and outperform these low quality materials. UV resistant, and designed in Australia; These boat rollers are made to last!

Learn more about plastic boat trailer keel rollers Fort Myers.

Boat Trailer Bunk Brackets & Hardware Fort Myers


Boat trailer bunk brackets and hardware play a crucial role in all boat trailer setups. If you use the wrong style boat trailer brackets and hardware it can mean your set up of your trailer is wrong for your boat.

To learn which brackets and hardware is correct for your boat, please view our range, or contact us to talk to one of our staff members who can point you in the right direction on setting up your boat trailer correctly.

View Boat Trailer Spares bunk brackets, brackets & hardware Fort Myers.