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Boat Trailer Parts – Miami Florida

Boat Trailer Parts Miami Florida

Boat Trailer Parts Miami Florida

Boat Trailer Spares Online has been supplying locals of Miami Florida with high quality plastic boat trailer parts ever since we first set up operations in the USA. In fact our very first customer and sale was in Miami.  

Ultra High boat trailer parts have been very popular amongst boat owners in Miami Florida. Manufacturers and distributors out plastic boat trailer bunks, plastic keel pads, plastic boat trailer rollers, bunk covers, plastic trailer slicks, boat trailer brackets and hardware. In the past, local boat owners have been frustrated when the launch and retrieve their boats due to the simple fact that their only options for boat trailer parts were low quality rubber & pvc keel rollers or carpet boat trailer bunks that simply do not work and are not designed for use with aluminium boats.

Ultra High LLC was initially founded and started as a family business out of Melbourne Australia. With a history of over 30 years in plastics engineering; our plastic boat trailer parts are now the standard in the boating industry in Australia. With strong demand from numerous American customers and businesses, we have now set up locally to supply boat owners in Miami with our high quality boat trailer products.

Starting in 2018 Boat Trailer Spares / Ultra High LLC will be attending the 2018 Miami International Boat Show. If you are in the area in February, please come in and see us and experiance our high quality boat trailer parts on hand in person! 

Boat Trailer Plastic Bunks Miami

Boat trailer plastic bunks are ideal for use with aluminium boats and hulls. Extruded from solid plastic, these boat trailer bunks are designed to offer optimal performance and eliminate the issues carpet bunks give boat users. In Miami, one of the only options boat owners have had in the past is only carpet bunk guides. Carpet is not designed for aluminium boats. Constant friction causes carpet to potentially rip and tear which needs constant replacement all the time. Plastic boat trailer bunks Miami are designed to eliminate these issues.  View boat trailer bunks Miami.

Boat Trailer Plastic Slicks Miami

Boat trailer plastic slicks are not new to boat owners in Miami or the USA. However what is new, is the materials that boat trailer slicks are manufactured out of by Ultra High Plastics. Previously only available as an option to boat owners to help try and improve their boat trailers when launching or retrieving their aluminium boats was rubber, PVC and low quality composite plastic materials. Ultra High produces our plastic trailer slicks out of HDPE polyethylene and LDPE polyethylene plastic materials. To learn more about our plastic boat trailer slicks, click here. View boat trailer slicks Miami.

Boat Trailer Plastic Bunk Covers / Wraps Miami

Much like our plastic trailer slicks, plastic bunk covers are a more heavy duty solution when it comes to upgrading your existing boat trailer bunks. Traditional bunk wraps that you may be used to seeing are often made of cheap low quality pvc materials. Constant cracking or splitting is common and can cost you a lot more money in repairs in the long run. Ultra High plastic bunk covers are made out of HDPE or LDPE polyethylene plastic. To learn more about how plastic bunk wraps can benefit your boat trailer, click here to view boat trailer plastic bunk covers Miami.

Boat Trailer Plastic Keel Rollers Miami

For years, Aluminium boat owners have been limited in options when it comes to their keel rollers on their boat trailers. Rubber and PVC boat trailer keel rollers are low quality which can crack, split and go flat which makes them incredibly hard to launch and retrieve your boats.

Ultra High plastic keel rollers are machined solid out of HDPE plastic and are designed to outlast and outperform all other materials on the market that are designed for use with aluminium boat hulls. UV resistant, makes plastic boat trailer keel rollers the perfect boat roller for use in all weather conditions! View boat trailer plastic keel rollers Miami to learn more.

Boat Trailer Bunk Brackets & Hardware Miami

When it comes to upgrading or replacing your boat trailer parts, it is important to use high quality boat trailer brackets and hardware to suit. All boat trailer bunk brackets and hardware available online via Boat Trailer Spares are designed to suit all plastic parts and components. Stocking all models and variations of brackets and hardware gives the boat owner multiple choices and options when it comes to upgrading or repairing their existing boat trailer. View boat trailer brackets and hardware Miami.

So if you have an aluminium boat, Jon boat, bass boat, fishing boat that is hard to launch and retrieve due to existing carpet bunks or rubber keel rollers? Please feel free to browse our boat trailer parts online Miami store, or come visit us at the Miami International Boat Show, and see how our plastic boat trailer parts will benefit your boat trailer today!