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Boat Trailer Parts – Tampa Florida

Boat Trailer Parts Tampa Florida

Boat Trailer Parts Tampa Florida

Tampa is located along Florida’s gulf. Tamp and its surrounding suburbs are home to many of the states most beautiful waters and waterways. With this, boat owners from all around the state come to the Tampa area to enjoy their vacations and boats.

Like the rest of the USA, many boat owners, pontoon & jetty owners, jet ski owners; we have been contact by many to help improve their boat trailers with high quality, easy to use products to help keep them out on the water longer, quicker and safer at the boat ramp.

In the past, residents in and around Tampa Florida have only had the option of rubber boat trailer keel rollers or carpet boat trailer bunks for their aluminium boats. Ultra High Plastics is now providing locals with an alternative. Plastic boat trailer bunks, plastic keel rollers, plastic bunk covers & plastic slicks. 

Rubber and carpet boat trailer parts are known to crack, split, go flat and are naturally hard to launch and retrieve your boat. Plastic boat trailer spares are designed to eliminate all these issues. Long life, UV resistant, naturally slippery surface will help make launching and retrieving a breeze!

For all product inquiries, please contact us via our help desk, and one of our Tampa Florida staff members will assist to all inquiries. 

Boat Trailer Bunks Tampa Florida

Boat trailer plastic bunks Tampa Florida. Multiple sizes and color options available for use with aluminium boats.

Manufactured using a proprietary extrusion method, these bunks were initially designed in Australia and have become the standard in the boat trailer industry for over 30 years. High quality plastic allows the boat owner a quick and simply solution to launching and retrieving your boat. UV resistant and durable in nature, these boat trailer bunks are a must for all boat owners in Tampa. Click here to view boat trailer plastic bunks Tampa.

Boat Trailer Plastic Slicks Tampa Florida

Boat trailer plastic slicks are the perfect solution for those boat owners in Tampa who are frustrated with their carpet boat bunks that simply do not work with their aluminium boat hulls.

Boat trailer plastic slicks are quick and easy to use and install. UV resistant makes plastic trailer slicks ideal for use and perfect for Tampa’s water conditions. Multiple color and size options are available. Click here to view boat trailer slicks Tampa.

Boat Trailer Plastic Bunk Covers / Bunk Wraps Tampa Florida

Many boat owners in and around Tampa are looking for ways on how to improve their boat trailers so they can launch and retrieve faster to spend more time in the water than at the boat ramp. Boat trailer bunk wraps and covers are not new to the market. However; in the past all that has been available to customers are low quality PVC or rubber profiles which simply do not work like they are advertised to do.

Plastic boat trailer bunk wraps supplied by Ultra High LLC have been made to do the opposite; WORK! Made using the same material as our boat trailer bunks. Bunk wraps are strong, UV resistant, and can be used in multiple variations. Click here to view boat trailer bunk wraps Tampa.

Plastic Boat Trailer Keel Rollers Tampa Florida

One of the most important parts of any boat trailer is their keel rollers. Supporting up to 70% of the boats weight, keel roller boat trailers play a critical part in the primary operation of any boat trailer.

With so much of your boats weight being supported it is important to use high quality keel rollers to work with your boat trailer. In the past the only option of boat rollers for aluminium boats has been low quality rubber or PVC materials. Known to constantly crack, split and get flat spots; These low quality materials make it extremely difficult to launch and retrieve aluminium boats. Hard plastic keel rollers are designed to perform the opposite. Long life, exceptional use, UV resistant, no flat spots makes plastic boat rollers the #1 choice for boat owners who rely on keel rollers to support their aluminium boats. Click to learn more about plastic boat trailer keel rollers in Tampa.