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Boat Trailer Plastic Slick 6 Foot x2

Boat Trailer Plastic Slick 6 Foot x2


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Boat Trailer Plastic Slick 6 Foot — 2″ x 1/2″ x 72″

Boat trail­er plas­tic slicks 2″ wide x 6′ long x 2 pieces.

Strug­gle to launch and retrieve your alu­mini­um boat with car­pet boat trail­er bunks? Mount these plas­tic trail­er slicks to your exist­ing bunk to make your boat slide with ease. With years of research, devel­op­ment and sales in the Aus­tralian marine indus­try, these slicks will help launch any alu­mini­um boat with 6′ bunks alot easier.

Plas­tic trail­er slicks include a groove in the cen­tre for a safe and easy instal­la­tion on your exist­ing boat trail­er bunks.

Easy to install, your boat will no longer strug­gle to leave and return to your trail­er after a day out on the water.

Whats Included

2x 2“x 72″ Blue plas­tic trail­er slicks. (1 Pair)

(Screws and mount­ing hard­ware sold seperatly)