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How To Install Boat Trailer Bunks

How To Install Boat Trailer Bunks
November 10, 2017 Ultra High

How To Install Boat Trailer Bunks

Over time with con­stant use your boat; your boat trail­er bunks are going to suf­fer nat­ur­al wear and tear and will even­tu­al­ly need replac­ing. In today’s tuto­r­i­al we teach you how to exchange your old car­pet boat trail­er bunks and install brand new plas­tic boat trail­er bunk guides onto your boat trail­er. For the pur­pose of today’s arti­cle we will also assume you cur­rent­ly have installed adjustable boat trail­er bunk brack­ets.

When it comes to replac­ing your boat trail­er bunks in Amer­i­ca and you own an alu­mini­um boat, bass boat, jon boat, fish­ing boat; upgrad­ing from car­pet bunks to plas­tic boat trail­er bunks will ben­e­fit you in the long run. If you have a fiber­glass boat, the fol­low­ing process will work equal­ly as well if you opt to stick with car­pet bunk guides. 

Plas­tic boat trail­er bunks, unlike car­pet have a much longer life span. They are slip­pery, wont crack or split and with cor­rect care and main­te­nance, may nev­er need replac­ing at all! No more car­pet, no more strug­gling to launch and retrieve, more time out on the water.

Step 1 — Remove Existing Boat Trailer Bunks

Plastic-boat-trailer-bunks-19In order to replace your old car­pet boat trail­er bunks and replace with plas­tic bunk guides you will need to remove them from your boat trailer.

In most cas­es you can sim­ply unscrew your bunks form your brack­ets to lift off. If pos­si­ble; leave your brack­ets attached to your boat trail­er. By leav­ing your exist­ing bunk brack­ets in place, this will ensure that your boat remains in the same posi­tion at the cor­rect height that was pre­vi­ous­ly set with your old bunks.

The posi­tion of each bunk sup­port­ing your boats hull varies by design. If you are unsure that your bunks are sit­ting cor­rect­ly, please con­tact us for sup­port or con­tact your boats man­u­fac­tur­er for guidance.

Step 2 — Align Your Boat Trailer Bunks Into Your Bunk Brackets

Plastic-boat-trailer-bunks-15Once your exist­ing boat trail­er bunks have been removed from your brack­ets, its now time to place your new plas­tic boat bunk guides into the brackets.

Plas­tic boat trail­er bunks are avail­able in mul­ti­ple size lengths.

  • 4 Foot boat trail­er bunks.
  • 5 Foot boat trail­er bunks.
  • 6 Foot boat trail­er bunks.

Once your boat trail­er bunks are rest­ing in your exist­ing brack­ets; before you drill holes to secure the bunks to your brack­ets it is impor­tant to align the bunks on either side so they are sit­ting square with each oth­er. This will not only allow for an easy launch and retrieval but also helps dis­trib­ute the weight even­ly of your boat on your trailer.

Step 3 — Drill & Secure Your Bunks To Your Brackets

Plastic-boat-trailer-bunks-4Once you have aligned your bunks on your trail­er, grab a mark­er / sharpie and mark your bunks through your brack­ets. This will let us know where to drill our first set of holes in your bunks to secure them to your brackets.

Note: If you are con­fi­dent using a drill you can leave the bunks in the brack­ets and drill straight through the plas­tic pro­file & brack­ets. Be sure not to move the bunks as this will put them out of align­ment with the oth­er bunk guide.

Start by drilling only 1 end of the bunks first. Once you have drilled one end, place your first screw through the bunk and brack­et and tight­en accord­ing­ly. This will help secure your bunk from mov­ing as you make your way to the oppo­site end to com­plete your drilling.

Once your sec­ond hole has been drilled, place your nut and bolt through the bunk and tighten.

Repeat process for the oppo­site side of the trailer.

Step 4 — Enjoy Your New Boat Trailer Bunks

Plastic-boat-trailer-bunks-12As you can see from the steps above. Replac­ing and installing new boat trail­er bunks is a fair­ly straight for­ward process. Remem­ber, when installing new boat trail­er parts onto your boat trail­er, always stick to high qual­i­ty com­po­nents. Not only will they last longer, but your over­all boat­ing expe­ri­ance will be much more enjoyable.

If you have any ques­tions about installing or replac­ing boat trail­er bunks on your boat trail­er, please leave us a com­ment below, or con­tact us for more information.




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