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Difference Between Carpet and Plastic Boat Trailer Bunks

Difference Between Carpet and Plastic Boat Trailer Bunks
December 19, 2017 Ultra High

Difference Between Carpet and Plastic Boat Trailer Bunks

One of the ques­tions we often get asked by read­ers and cus­tomers is the impor­tant ques­tion; What is the dif­fer­ence between car­pet boat trail­er bunks and plas­tic boat trail­er bunk guides.

The aim of this arti­cle is to high­light the main prop­er­ties and dif­fer­ences of each mate­r­i­al so you can see how and when each boat trail­er bunk can and should be used and why.

In Amer­i­ca; boat trail­ers around the coun­try rely pri­ma­ry on a bunk set­up to help launch and retrieve boats. It is impor­tant to use the cor­rect mate­ri­als on your boat trail­er to enable a quick, easy and effi­cient launch and retrieve at the boat ramp. 

Carpet Boat Trailer Bunks

boat-trailer-bunk-boards-carpet-ripped-blackCar­pet boat trail­er bunks are tra­di­tion­al­ly designed to be used on fiber­glass boat hulls. Marine car­pet is gen­er­al­ly made out of a polypropy­lene mate­r­i­al which is actu­al­ly the same as plas­tic boat trail­er keel rollers and oth­er bunk cov­er pro­files just in a dif­fer­ent form. The over­all prop­er­ties of the two are very sim­i­lar in nature.

Car­pet boat trail­er bunk use with alu­mini­um boat hulls: In the past, only avail­able to boat own­ers in the US were car­pet boat bunk guides. When using car­pet with alu­mini­um hulls, you are short­en­ing the lifes­pan of your bunks. Due to the car­pet pro­file, alu­mini­um hulls cause fric­tion when launch­ing and retriev­ing. Your boat will be hard to push or pull onto your boat trail­er, and even­tu­al­ly the car­pet will begin to rip or tear which can cause dam­age to your boats hull and trail­er cost­ing you alot more mon­ey to repair.

Car­pet boat trail­er bunk use with fiber­glass hulls: For boat own­ers with fiber­glass hulls; whether you own a bot or jet ski is often the pre­ferred mate­r­i­al to sup­port your ves­sels hull. Often viewed as a more ide­al mate­r­i­al as it is soft­er in nature it is believed to pro­tect the fiber­glass gel coat and allow for a more gen­tle launch and retrieve. Over time; fric­tion between the two mate­ri­als can occur and your car­pet will begin to dete­ri­o­rate which will mean you will need to replace your bunk car­pet. With prop­er care of your ves­sel and boat trail­er, Fiber­glass hulls can enjoy a sim­ply use when using car­pet boat bunks.

Plastic Boat Trailer Bunks

Boat Trailer Bunks PlasticAlthough rea­son­ably new to the US boat­ing mar­ket, plas­tic boat trail­er bunks are per­fect for use with alu­mini­um boat hulls and trail­ers. Plas­tic boat trail­er bunks man­u­fac­tured by Ultra High Plas­tics are made out of polypropy­lene mate­r­i­al. Plas­tic boat bunk guides allow for alu­mini­um hulls to rest bet­ter while in tran­sit on the boat trail­er to and from the boat ramp. When in the water, the prop­er­ties of both mate­ri­als (polypropy­lene plas­tic and alu­mini­um boat hulls) allows for a quick and easy launch. Many boat own­ers who use plas­tic boat trail­er bunks often find they only need to touch their boats and they come slid­ing off with lit­tle to no effort when launch­ing. When retriev­ing; the boat own­er can winch or dri­ve their boat back onto their trail­er again with lit­tle to no effort at all. 

Unlike car­pet bunks which act as resis­tance to alu­mini­um hulls when launch­ing and retriev­ing, plas­tic boat bunks do the oppo­site. The two mate­ri­als are designed to work with each oth­er. Unlike car­pet which tends to rip and tear over time, plas­tic is designed to do the oppo­site and offer the boat own­er a much longer life span and eas­i­er use when oper­at­ed correctly. 

Plas­tic boat trail­er bunk guides by Ultra High are UV resis­tant & extrud­ed using vir­gin mate­ri­als makes them per­fect for use in all weath­er con­di­tions. Ultra High has start­ed devel­op­ing boat trail­er parts for the Aus­tralian boat trail­er mar­ket over 30 years ago and is now the indus­try stan­dard prod­uct for use on boat trail­ers for alu­mini­um boats. 

Which Material Is Better To Use? Carpet or Plastic Bunk Guide Material?

It is the opin­ion of many that; if you own an alu­mini­um boat, jon boat, bass boat, fish­ing boat — you should use plas­tic bunks to help sup­port and launch / retrieve your ves­sel. Long life, UV resis­tant, tough and durable, nat­u­ral­ly slip­pery (no lubri­cants required) & less like­ly to crack, split or tear like car­pet bunks help make these boat trail­er parts per­fect for use. 

If you own a fiber­glass boat, due to the soft­er designed pro­file, it is often found that many boat own­ers pre­fer marine car­pet. Despite being hard­er to launch and retrieve, marine car­pet is often more gen­tle on the gel coat­ing of your boat which can help you save costs in the long run if it were to get dam­aged at all. 

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